Get Thicker and Longer Lashes with the help of Bimat Eyelash Serum

  April 18, 2017
bimat eyelash serum

Having longer and darker lashes is the dream come true for many women. However, not all women are blessed with long and dark lashes. There may be a lot of reasons responsible for that. One of the major reasons is the genetic indisposition and there are some other medical conditions too which make you lose your eyelashes. Eyelashes are just like hair. They fall out and they grow back. But what if they are not growing back thicker and longer and you are just left with sparse eyelashes? Take my story for example. I have very sparse eyelashes owing to my heredity. The result is that my friends often make fun of me for not having enough eyelashes. I always had to step out of home wearing mascara or kohl. One day while researching about my condition on the net, I came across Bimat Eyelash Growth Serum. I bought it from an online pharmaceutical store and since then I have never looked back. This serum gave me thick and longer lashes within a few months of usage.

How to use Bimat Ophthalmic Solution 0.03%?

It is available in the form of eye drops. You have t apply it every night. Take care to clean your face and remove all traces of makeup, especially eye makeup, before applying bimat solution. If you wear lens, remove them while applying the serum. Apply the eyelash serum with the help of an applicator. Apply it on the upper lash line only and close your eyes so that the serum spreads to the lower lash line too. Take care so that the serum does not spread on the eyelids as it can cause pigmentation of the eyelids. Moreover, do not apply the serum with a dropper as it can cause the serum drop to fall on other parts of your face. It can cause hair growth on your face. Do not reuse any applicator and use a new one every night. This is in order to prevent any kind of eye infections.

How long should you use?

Bimat eyelash solution reviews show that most people start noticing the effectiveness of the serum within 3 weeks of use. However, you have to use the serum continuously for about 12 weeks in order to notice the thicker, longer and darker lashes that have been promised. However, do remember that once you stop using the solution your eyelashes will go back to their normal condition. So, you have to keep using the serum atleast for once or twice a week to sustain the results. 

Where can you buy bimat eyelash solution?

It is easily available in a lot of online stores. You can buy Bimat Eye Drops online from It is a well trusted store which will provide you with authentic medication at a budget friendly price. You do not need prescription to get bimat serum and you can easily Purchase bimat without prescription from this online website. The website has worldwide shipping options which will help you to get your hands on the medication easily.

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