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Generic Name : Generic Latisse Brand Name : Bimat
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Introduction of Bimat
Today, we have many options to treat glaucoma. Similarly, many cosmetic items are available to enhance eyelashes too. Bimat (Bimatoprost) is one of the most effective remedies that serve both purposes. This is primarily a prostaglandin analogue which means that it resembles prostaglandins in its action. It was introduced in the field of ophthalmology for the treatment of glaucoma.
What is glaucoma?
Eye problems are common in general practice and one of them is glaucoma. The drug treatment of eye problems is largely concerned with reduction in inflammation, control of infection and alleviation of ocular pressure. Glaucoma is the condition in which intraocular pressure is increased. If this is not treated in time, it can lead to optic neuropathy and loss of the optic nerve tissue as well. It can also cause excavation or ‘cupping’ of ophthalmoscopically noticeable optic nerve head. This may be accompanied by loss of peripheral and later central vision. Most of the forms of glaucoma are usually painless in the beginning but can cause loss of vision which is dangerous. If diagnosed and treated early, most of the patients retain proper vision. Reduction in intraocular pressure protects against damage to the optic nerve head. Glaucoma is classified into the following types.
a) Open angle
b) Closed angle
c) Congenital
d) Drug induce
Other types include primary or secondary glaucoma.
Etiology of primary glaucoma: Not known
Secondary glaucoma is commonly caused due to inflammation, neovascularization and pigment dispersion syndrome.
How to reduce the elevated intraocular pressure?
The increased intraocular pressure can be reduced either by increasing the outflow of aqueous humor or by decreasing the production of aqueous humor by the ciliary body.

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  • Mechanism of Action for Glaucoma Treatment and Enhancing Eyelashes

    • Bimat increases the outflow of aqueous humor. In this way, it reduces the intraocular pressure. Chronic glaucoma is the main indication of these eye drops.
      • Bimatoprost acts on the base of the eyelashes and increase the growth period of hair.
  • Uses

    • • The intraocular pressure can be maintained well in wide angle simple glaucoma by using eye drops.
      • Chronic glaucoma has an insidious onset and need almost permanent therapy with Bimatoprost.
      • As a side effect of these eye drops, it was observed that there is increase in the length of eyelashes. Hence, it started to be used in patients with short eyelashes.
      • Cancer patients who suffer from loss of eyelashes due to cancer chemotherapy also can be given Bimatoprost.
      • Bimatoprost helps in giving blacker and longer eyelashes. If you want to get prettier eyelashes, this is the ultimate solution.
      • No need to use fake eyelashes or other cosmetic products that make false claims of conditioning your eyelashes.
  • How to Use Bimat?

    • 1. For treatment of glaucoma, Bimat can be purchased online and used as eye drops twice a day.
      2. Patients who wish to enhance their eyelashes can use bimatoprost formulation once every day. They should remove makeup and wash their face thoroughly before using the medication. Eye lenses should also be removed. Eye lashes can be put on 15 minutes after applying the drops. For best results, the solution should be placed near the tip of the sterile applicator. Dispose the applicator after usage. Have patience and use it for around three months for the desired eyelashes.
  • Words of Caution

    • • Some drugs also may lead to increased intraocular pressure. Such chemicals should be ruled out before starting the treatment of glaucoma with Bimatoprost.
      • Patients allergic to Bimatoprost and its contents should not use this medicine.
      • In case the patient is found to have any sensitivity reaction by the usage of this drug, stop the medicine immediately and seek medical intervention.
      • If you are using the eye drops for eyelash enhancement, make sure that you wipe away the excess solution that spreads outside the eyelash area.
      • Do not use it when you have worn eyelashes.
      • Reuse of the applicator should be strictly disallowed. If you fail to do so, it can lead to infection in the eyes.
      • Be wary of the duplicate eyelash enhancer products available in the market.
      • Do not terminate the treatment midway. It could lead to relapse of the condition.
      • The formulation should not be diluted or modified in any way.
      • Aseptic and hygienic practices are a must while using eye drops.
  • Contraindications and Adverse Reactions

    • 1. Narrow angle congestive glaucoma or acute glaucoma is a contraindication of Bimat. Persons who have a family history of open angle glaucoma are more likely to develop glaucoma during glucocorticoid therapy.
      2. As an adverse effect of this eye drops, the patients can experience itching, rashes and permanent iris pigmentation.
      3. Local toxicity may be caused because of the preservative used in the formulation.
      4. Eye drops should be carefully used as their final disposal is often after they are absorbed into systemic circulation.
  • User Reviews Buy Bimat

    • I had a major discomfort in vision because of glaucoma. I could not read the newspaper properly. Because of this, I had to depend on my son and daughter in law for my daily activities. I did not like to bother them for such petty reasons. One day, my granddaughter came to me and gave me Bimatoprost. She explained me its directions for use and asked me to use it to get rid of glaucoma. I thought of giving it a shot and started using it twice every day. Within no time, my condition improved significantly. I did not have to rely on anyone, all thanks to this eye drops. I would strongly recommend these drops to all those glaucoma patients like me. Besides, Bimatoprost can also be used by young girls who have short eyelashes. If you wish to give your eyelashes a better look, this is the thing for you. Try it out and see the difference for yourself. The best part about using this is that I did not have any adverse reactions because of it. You can buy Bimat online from pharmacy stores on the World Wide Web. Bimat for sale is available at reasonable prices and it would be delivered at your doorstep as soon as possible.